Global Soccer publication

We would like to take this opportunity to welcome everyone to the 4th annual DALLAS CHARITY CUP TOURNAMENT on behalf of both the Charity Cup organization as well as the Bethel Romanian Church, the church host. This tournament is a fundraiser for the less fortunate kids as well as adults in the 3rd world countries and all the proceeds will go towards the operating costs and the general running of these CC programs
This past year, the Charity Cup team had a tremendous year, making thousands of people in many countries receiving hope through Jesus Christ. We are very excited about our 4th annual CHARITY CUP and we hope that everyone involved enjoys it and finds it to be a fun, competitive, positive and valuable experience. Here in Dallas, Texas, we have people that have grown up in the Charity Cup programs and we recognize the importance of those programs in development of our future young leaders & missionaries of tomorrow.

Our hope is that this tournament will provide an environment for the church members to play in a competitive atmosphere with an emphasis on life skill development. We would encourage all the local pastors to come and become a part of this great event and to let the teenagers as well as adult members to participate. Make this a yearly event for your church fellowship. We also hope that all involved will display the level of sportsmanship that the event deserves. We look forward to an exciting weekend of great fellowship & soccer and once again, we thank everyone for your support, see them here.

Let me introduce You to our publication, called Global Soccer, which deals uniquely with football worldwide. Nowadays, due to modern media, the results of all national championships, international matches or international cup matches could be obtained, but if someone wants to get possibly the most information available, one would need much time and patience. We would like to help You with this task by collecting the most important happenings of world football in one book, while trying to accomplish the most possible completeness. Let me introduce you to our brochure below Global Soccer, which deals with the world’s football in a unique way. Today, almost every country thanks to modern communication tools championship, all national championships, international cups are easily accessible but if you want the most information you need to know about your favorite sport, you need little time and patience. We want to make this task easier by having one single month we will gather the most important events in the world of football as much as possible with the utmost fullness.

Allow me to introduce you to the Global Soccer, our of international football in an unusual way. Today, thanks to the new communication tools, the results national championships, matches and international easily accessible. However, if someone wants to know more about on his favorite sport, he will need a lot of time and patience.
Our goal is to facilitate its task by recruiting all the information and events of the world of football, in a single monthly edition. Allow me to present you with our book, Global Soccer, dedicated to international football in a unique way. Today – thanks to the media communication skills – one can easily of the national leagues, the results of the national teams the countries and those of the international cups. But if we want to know as much as possible of our favorite sport and to obtain all the information new, we need a lot of time and patience. We want to facilitate this with a book in which we publish monthly all the results and new information of the world of soccer aspiring to the greater totality possible.

Let us know about our Global Soccer publication, who deals in a unique way of world football. In our day, thanks to all forms of modern communication It is easy to have all the results of almost all championships in real time football matches, national matches, international cups, but at the same time, if a passionate wanted to collect more information possible on his favorite sport, he would need so much time and more lots of patience. We want to facilitate these searches by publishing each month in one volume all the most important events of the world of the football, aspiring to the fullest completeness. We would like to introduce our book, “Global Soccer”. This book is unique about world football. Nowadays, thanks to the most up-to-date news, the results can be obtained from almost all championships, from all football matches of national teams and international cups, but if you want to gather all the information about your beloved sport you should sacrifice a lot of energy and time. We would like to make this task easier by accumulating the most important events of the football world every month in a book, according to the greatest possible completeness.

Natural beauty without losing money

I was so sick, I was not afraid to go home, I go to the beauty and now do not dare to watch myself in a mirror. These are the prayers that Dr. Do Quang Hung, Deputy Head of Surgery – Aesthetic Hospital Cho Ray Ho Chi Minh heard often. The call for help is that women want to beautify beauty but choose the wrong plastic surgery facilities that lead to the consequences, unwanted complications. Lost money but also deformed Dr. Hung also remembers a visit to a 40 year-old woman named Hoa, who lives in Can Tho City. “Did not know she heard someone introduced that hide her husband, son to Ho Chi Minh City nose lift at a hair salon. Miserable, money lost. At the time I saw her nose bridge exposed, and nose pierced, “Dr. Hung said.

Lucky for Ms. Hoa was Dr. Hung surgery, repairing to not be embarrassed because the nose deformed. The case of Thanh, 48 years old, living in Hoc Mon district is equally miserable. Ms. Thanh has been smoking belly fat at a spa near her house after giving birth to her belly. The sad thing is that the person doing the operation is just a hairdresser. The result of fat sucking too much to make the belly of Ms. Thanh concave concave. “When we arrived at the hospital, we had to replenish the fat for the patient. Only trained plastic surgeons know how to smoke fat, how to dose. This kind of act is really dangerous, that is why we recommend to use natural way like what you can see here in

This is really so much situation for a young woman to be beautiful, I must recommend natural products or natural skin care products without spending so much money like what you have spend on having expensive plastic surgeries.

The hair stylist can not know this, they are not lethal, “Hung said. About a month ago, Dr. Hung had to undergone surgery for a woman to cut the eyelid on a sub-base. Do not understand how the surgeon how the woman’s eyelid flipped out all over. The patient has undergone surgery but the eyelid can not be as beautiful as it looks, but it just looks bad. Dr. Hung witnessed many cosmetic surgeries to treat “other pigs become lame pigs”: “I miss a girl over the age of 20 to see. She cut her dimple at the hair salon. The dimples do not see where the cheeks appear a dark scar, to get rid of this scar, you can try using natural products. There is a woman suffering from complications throughout life. Not long ago, Dr. Hung visited a woman named K., 45, who lives in An Giang.

Sister K. to Cho Ray Hospital in the state of swollen lips, pain due to allergy tattoo.
Dr. Hung can not cut off the patient’s lips, prescribing K. to take life-long allergy medication.
Only the woman who stopped taking herbal medicine immediately swollen, painful.
The need for beauty is legitimate, however, you need to know the correct understanding and choice to avoid harm to health.Doctor Hung advises women to wear tattoos, eyebrows but not lips. Because when the lips tattoo will have only a fixed color, not as diverse as lipstick. Artificial lip color also makes it difficult for doctors to diagnose patients with blood loss.

On the website of the HCM City Department of Health there is a public list of cosmetic surgeons (each doctor is trained in one specialty). When you want to do aesthetic surgery for her, you should go to the hospital, because the spa facilities, hair styling only function on skin care for a pretty look. To perform cosmetic surgery, customers should undergo a rigorous examination such as: Whole body examination, group testing, freezing and blood function, biochemical tests, liver and kidney function, Electrolysis, electrocardiography,and liver.

Various surgical procedures

Orange County Liposuction available above. Breast lifts are a wonderful procedure for women who have developed a significant amount of sagging of their breasts. Breast augmentation is one of the most popular procedures in plastic surgery today. The people on our office has more than 30 years of experience in the field of Plastic Surgery. In doing the facelift, this can’t stop an aging process but will “set the clock back”. Working together in an unhurried way, I believe we can find the right formula for safety and comfort. We strive to educate our patients and the public about the various surgical procedures themselves. Related terms include orange county cosmetic surgeon, orange county facelift, tummy tuck orange county, orange county plastic surgery, and newport beach plastic surgeon. Liposuction is a procedure in which it literally reshape someone’s body , this is also a surgery that takes off fats on belly and different part of the body. Call today for your complimentary Cosmetic Surgery consultation with Dr. Milind Ambe. Our goal is to ensure that you, have an optimal surgical experience.

Proudly Orchestrating the Science of Beauty through Technology and Technique. Orange County Liposuction related phrases are on Mommy Makeover San Diego. Please, don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding any of our treatment services. My best advice to any prospective patient is to make sure that you feel comfortable with the Plastic Surgeon. Other phrases include newport beach breast augmentation, orange county breast enlargement, orange county breast reduction, newport beach liposuction, eye lid lift, eye lid lift, orange county cosmetic surgeon, orange county plastic surgery, orange county facelift, orange county breast reduction, tummy tuck orange county, newport beach plastic surgeon, newport beach liposuction, orange county breast enlargement, newport beach breast augmentation, orange county plastic surgery, orange county cosmetic surgeon, orange county facelift, orange county breast enlargement, newport beach liposuction. Through proper education, realistic expectations can be established which will help us to achieve the results you desire. Rhinoplasty usually takes an hour or two, though complicated procedures may take longer. Look for orange county liposuction. Dr. Milind Ambe, M.D. and his staff seek to provide the highest quality care in a relaxing and safe environment. You can do an appointment or call in the office to set a surgery to the specific Doctor you want. Related phrases are tummy tuck orange county, newport beach breast augmentation, eye lid lift, new port beach plastic surgeon, and orange county breast reduction. Rhinoplasty usually takes an hour or two, though complicated procedures may take longer.

Orange County Liposuction is related to mommy makeover. Our office staff is extremely professional, knowledgable, and caring. Cumulatively, they have over 30 years of experience in Plastic Surgery. Please, don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding any of our treatment services. Breast augmentation is one of the most popular procedures in plastic surgery today. Breast lifts are a wonderful procedure for women who have developed a significant amount of sagging of their breasts. Working together in an unhurried way, I believe we can find the right formula for safety and comfort. Liposuction is a procedure for those who wants to do a body reshaping and for those who wants to get rid of the fats from their body. My best advice to any prospective patient is to make sure that you feel comfortable with the Plastic Surgeon. Dr. Milind Ambe, M.D. and his staff seek to provide the highest quality care in a relaxing and safe environment. Our goal is to ensure that you, have an optimal surgical experience.

Combining accounting practices

Cox Business Accountants was formed in June 1999, combining the accounting practices’ of Peter Cox (SB Consulting) and Jeffrey Cox (Cox and Associates). With effect 1 January 2006 the firm welcomed a new partner – Angus Sherlock. Angus has been with the firm for many years now, and is sure to help in moving Cox Business Accountants forward.

Accounting in financeCox Business Accountants offers the following products to our clients:
Preparation of individual Income Tax Returns for wage and salary earners and provision of taxation advice.
Income Tax Returns for rental property owners and larger investors and provision of taxation advice.
Preparation of simple Financial Statements and Income Tax Returns for individual contractors and micro businesses and provision of taxation and commercial advice. Preparation of Financial Statements and preparation of Income Tax Returns for small to medium sized businesses including individuals, partnerships, companies, and Trusts together with provision of taxation and higher level commercial advice.

Business reports involving comparisons with Industry Benchmarks based on information obtained from the University of New England. Analysis of the client’s business and comparisons with the Industry Benchmark and
The introduction and involvement with Business Development Services which involve the identification of the client’s needs and interests, action points to rectify weaknesses in the client’s business strategies, together with specific services that can be aimed at various aspects of clients’ businesses such as training in customer service and numerous other aspects of normal business activity.

At the present time there are 11 people working with Cox Business Accountants in We have the three partners Jeff, Peter and Angus, and five other accountants (Robyn, Carly, Bree, Luke and Emilia). Colin is the Business Manager, Cathie the administrative guru and Jo is our receptionist, giving us a total of 11 team members.Income Tax Returns for rental property owners and larger investors and provision of taxation advice. Preparation of Financial Statements and preparation of Income Tax Returns for small to medium sized businesses.

How much will it cost you to use our services?

We charge our clients on a time-for-work basis. Whilst we have a set fee for a basic tax return and some other services, generally speaking you will be billed based on how long it takes to do your work. We see that as the fairest way to go for both us and our clients.

Our charge out rates range from $85 per hour for a junior accountant up to a Partner Premium rate of $195 per hour. Our average rate works out to be around $115 per hour.

At all times we endeavour to ensure that our clients don’t get a rude surprise when receiving a bill from us. We like to advise our clients of an approximate cost for their work to be done, and if it looks like it will end up costing more than that amount, the relevant team member will contact the client direct and discuss the situation with them accordingly. It is a bit like getting your car serviced – they give you a quote and if they find more work that needs to be done then they call you beforehand to get your authorisation to go on.

Snowing, darker and colder

Snow is like rain – best enjoyed from inside your house, looking at it out the window with a warm drink in your hand. But too much snow outside will then eventually turn into headaches, so to blow up those heavy snow that covers the roof or even covers the road outside, here’s a cool machines that can help. On a station, bus-stop waiters turned and started walking. I turned the other direction and headed back to Orpington station. At the station a handful of people were waiting for a London-bound train, including a family with young kids. Really felt for these guys. Hope they don’t get stranded in the cold. Anyway, after about 30 minutes waiting a train finally arrives. It went to London Bridge. I was just glad to be sitting in a warm carriage.

Why don’t the stations have heaters or hot drinks for these types of events where snow is getting harder? Time to run. Got to the platform, massive crowds. Luckily Hayes isn’t a fashionable place to live so I got on the train and even managed to get a seat. Homeward-bound! I was so cold. You know sometimes when walking for the train you walk into a random bit of smelly but warm air (yes, that’s someone’s fart) at that moment in time I was so cold if someone came and farted on me, I’d have been eternally grateful. Despite wearing two pairs of socks, I was starting to lose feeling in my feet – ok, maybe a slight over-exaggeration but I was cold.

While on the train home, I had a thought. I thought ‘this is too straightforward – in fact this is too good to be true’. And it was. Then the driver came on the PA system. Rather sheepishly he announced that the snow after Elmers End (about 5 stops from home) was too thick for electricity to pass along the tracks. He said we’d have to stop at Elmers End, but don’t worry there’s replacement bus services to take us the rest of the way. Ah good. So we get off at Elmers End. Still snowing, now darker and colder.

We get off the train and go outside. One thing struck us. The distinct lack of buses. We searched all around the station and could not find a single bus. I’ve identified the lack of a bus as a fundamental flaw of a replacement bus service. With nowhere to go we started to walk … not even sure where. About 15 minutes later saw a cab, flagged it down in the style of ‘24 Days Later’ and began crawling homeward bound. Was charged an extortionate rate for a few-mile journey. But let’s be honest, if he said £50 plus a naked bear hug, I would have agreed. We made it almost home – passing queues of abandoned lorries and cars along the way – when the snow got too thick. Got out and walked the rest of the way.

So there it was. The commute of champions. I’d done it. I now had the other issue of having to go to Heath row to do a pick-up tomorrow morning. That was never going to happen in all seriousness.

Far-reaching benefits of massage therapy.

As a business, what is your greatest asset? Without a doubt, it’s your employees. While it is easy to create infrastructure and purchase technology, it takes a lot to build a team of productive people and get the best out of them. Keeping your team motivated has become a great challenge in today’s corporate world where competition and stress are at an all-time high. If you along with your HR team have been scouting ways to build a productive ecosystem, corporate chair massage can prove to be a great investment towards increasing your productivity and profitability.

You are aware of the benefits of massage in terms of relaxing the body and the mind. Corporate massage in Portland offers these benefits in an organized, team-building manner. It is the perfect blend of ancient healing technique and modern delivery method. Here, seasoned professionals administer massage and other wellness therapies, benefitting every employee in the organization. This can be administered in short period of time and eliminate the need to travel for massages. If you are wondering how this would benefit your work environment and help you increase your productivity, let’s look at some insights into the far-reaching benefits of this massage therapy.

Best thing to be considered for you to have this kind of benefits, try for a best massage chair where you take away all those pain and all the stress that you’ve been suffering all this time. If you’re looking for a best massage chair,  see here.

Pain-Relieving Effects

While studies are still being carried out to both understand massage therapy’s effect on the body in general and specifically how it can help certain conditions like arthritis, results have already shown positive feedback from participants. In 2006, the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey tested 68 adults suffering from osteoarthritis. One group received two Swedish massages twice per week for eight weeks, while the other group did not. At the end of the trials, the group receiving massages reported reduction in pain and stiffness, increased flexibility and expanded range of motion of significant proportions.

While it is still unknown how massage specifically addresses arthritic conditions, it has been proven to lower cortisol, a hormone contributing to stress, as well as increase the positive mood-enhancing neurotransmission of serotonin. In turn, patients may achieve a better quality of sleep, allowing more healing to take place.

Is Massage Therapy Right for You?

Specific conditions related to arthritis may require a doctor’s approval for patients receive massage therapy treatment. Those with severely damaged joints, rashes, osteoporosis or high blood pressure should consult with a physician to make sure massage would help rather than worsen their condition.

If you suffer from arthritis or another painful condition, look into massage therapy and purchasing a massage chair for daily treatments and relief.

Exercise Strategies to Reduce Pain

No single condition causes back pain in runners. Normally it is a combination of multiple factors. To start, runners must ensure they stretch fully before each day’s training regimen. Runners should avoid exercising with tight hamstrings to avoid greater pressure on the lower back and aggravation of sensitive back muscles. Likewise, runners should let their bodies cool down and they should follow up all lengthy runs with another stretching session to decrease muscle tension and initiate recovery.

Rest and Recuperation for the Back Muscles

As the New York Times reports, 79 percent of runners are injured each year. The recovery period after each workout and during each injury rehabilitation period are integral for runners to return to their previous top form.

Aside from additional stretching and adequate rest, research shows that runners who get a massage report muscle soreness decreased by 30 percent. A massage therapist may not be on call for every runner’s rest day, but owning a massage chair is a beneficial alternative.



Are you in pain? Try this treatment!

Chronic pain of any kind is no walk in the park, but back pain in particular can be particularly debilitating. Not only is it the number one complaint of office workers, but it can strike people of any age, background, and health status. Fortunately, you don’t have to suffer in silence for the rest of your life, and new advances mixed with tried and true techniques can provide relief. From at-home remedies to chiropractic services in Springfield, IL, you can find relief from your chronic Click here.

Exercise is a key component of managing back pain for many reasons. Of course, you should consult with your doctor before starting a new exercise regimen. For most people, exercise will help to strengthen the back and core, increase blood flow to your spine and surrounding areas, and help take off pounds that may be adding to the strain. While you’re at it, cleaning up your diet and paying attention to your hydration can help address health concerns that might be exacerbating your pain levels.

Although exercise may seem impossible when you are in pain, this treatment option is actually an important step in treating and preventing back pain. Some of the most tolerable exercises for individuals with low back pain include core stabilization training, water therapy, and yoga. Core stabilization training is used to strengthen the muscles the support the back, relieve pressure on the spine, and improve back alignment and posture. Water therapy, also called aquatic therapy, utilizes the gentle resistance and low-impact properties of water to help strengthen back muscles, reduce pain, and increase flexibility. Yoga, Pilates, and tai chi are exercise programs that combine stretching and strengthening exercises to help strengthen the back, release endorphins, and relieve back pain.

Another way of back pain relief is the Slim N Lift Aire Bra. It has specifically been styled and designed for females living in the 21st century. Bras have not changed than before, but our lifestyle and women are drastically different!

Slim ‘N Lift Aire Bra India is particularly designed by the developers. It is perfect for all types of activities, ages, sizes, and shapes. With the help of this amazing bra you can target all those troubling areas which you generally want to fix:

1. Bulging under your arms 2. Moving out of the cups which are small 3. Wires which disturb you 4. Distressing back fat 5. Clips and hooks which dig in 6. Straps that most of the times fall down 7. Skimpy support and 8. Rough bra padding.

Slim N Lift Aire Bra takes care of these problems! By wearing this bra you can feel comfortable, happy and confident too.

Regardless of the fact that how busty or petite you are! The sizing is straightforward! Slim ‘N Lift Aire Bra online has its own size chart which helps you to select your right size. Slim ‘N Lift Aire Bra is the most stylish and trendy accessory for women! You can go anywhere anytime; it will give you different looks!

Inflatable Hot Tub Insulation

Do you want to have your own hot tub but you can’t put one up because the house you own is leased or are you unsure of where to put your hot tub?
Well, then why not get an inflatable hot tub for yourself?
Affordable, sturdy, and durable .. An inflatable hot tub works just like a built in hot tub or spa at the half of the price of course, also you don’t have to heat your water separately, you can do that and a whole lot more in your own inflatable hot tub!

But how does insulation work in an inflatable hot tub? Can you still enjoy its benefits during winter or not? What are the benefits of keeping your inflatable hot tub properly insulated?
If you’ve got these questions and many others, then you’ve come to the right place!
Read on more below about how insulation for your inflatable hot tub works and many others:

What is Insulation and Does my Inflatable Hot Tub Have any Insulation?
First of all, yes. Your inflatable hot tub is in fact, already insulated.
As you may have observed, an inflatable hot tub package comes with a water pump to circulate the water, and heater to heat the water; which can be as high as 104 degrees for most brands, meaning this will keep your hot tub nice and warm especially during cold nights or even winter – yes, winter!
Simply turn on your heater and wait for a couple of hours for your inflatable hot tub click here to reach its maximum heating capacity, after which you can now get in and relax while reading your favorite book in hand or sipping some unicorn mimosas.

Not only can you keep the waters of your inflatable hot tub with a pump, you can also use a cover for your inflatable hot tub to keep your waters warm while you do gardening or baking a pie to share with your friends later on, or if you’re waiting for your hot tub to get warm.
Some manufacturers of inflatable hot tubs include such covers in their package while some opt to sell them separately, most of these inflatable hot tub covers are made of the same material as the inflatable hot tub itself, these covers have an elastic hem surrounding them and are heavy enough for your children not to lift them without an adult’s assistance.
These covers are especially useful during winter when the heater cannot sustain the heat in your inflatable hot tub for a long period of time, making it nice and warm for you even if you decide to dip in it a little later; a solar cover for your inflatable hot tub is very essential in keeping your hot tub warm while also helping lower your electricity bills.
In purchasing a cover for your inflatable hot tub for the first time, make sure it fits your hot tub well, if you are unsure about this, it’s best to keep the model and brand of your inflatable hot tub in mind, call ahead when visiting any store that sells covers, or have someone assist you while you’re shopping.

Crossbow Range

The range of the crossbow is depending on the FPS (feet per second) speed or power of the bow. Let’s just say your crossbow has 300+ FPS then it can go further to 50 up to 80 yards. If shooting on compressed foam dummy then it can penetrate on the front and back of it and even in human or animal flesh. Any wind can turn the direction of the arrow that you are firing. Even a small wind can be compensated for if accuracy is to be achieved at longer distances. Now we recommend a maximum of 40 yards for most shooters and a maximum of 50 yards for those so called expert crossbow shooters or expert shots. There is just too much room for error when taking longer shots, especially if it is out of ranged.
The range is really depending on your strength and ability in pulling or using the crossbow. So if your target is a deer, then you should undergo some research. Crossbow shots are noisy and when releasing, the deer can hear it even if you are 80 yards away from the target. Not unless there is a strong wind and the shooter knows how to control it. 80 is the maximum yards a crossbow can go through but, if you really want to go beyond that range, then you need a customized high power crossbow.
Before hitting a live target, I suggest that you should at least undergo training and hit compressed foam dummies. It takes an expert and strong shooter to go beyond 80 yards and it takes a lot of money to buy a Best crossbow on the market than could go more than 300 FPS. If it’s really your hobby then go spend some money and get the most powerful and strong crossbow to achieve that range that you are aiming.
Tactic factor and techniques, in as well as understanding the crossbows physics. Yes, crossbow has its own law of physics. Some of the hunters go closer to the target just to make sure it is safe and they can really hit the target. You will never know of what’s coming with the wind and you take your target’s movement in consideration and you should always predict and anticipate all your targets movement.
Before the 20th century, their crossbows can’t go further than 30 yards. That was the medieval crossbow I’m talking about. Long before it became a hobby to other people, crossbow is there way of hunting food and it can also be used as self defense. It was made of wood and strings so it can’t achieve the 300 FPS we want and the range we aim. Thanks to our developing technology, it is improved now and it became a hobby and sports to some other countries. Always remember, when you dive in to this kind of hobby, make sure to undergo full training and exercise and you must have a 20-20 vision so you will not miss your target and aim the perfect range you want.

Home Security and safety rules

The new rules for electrical safety in houses came into effect in England and Wales. It is hereby mandatory to follow the new rules in the Building Regulations of people whos incharge of electrical work in any part of the house or adding new electrical circuits to any part of the property, from this date on. However there is a Competent Persons Scheme which can be followed, under which one can get their work carried out by a qualified electrician, as this works as an alternative.

Competent Person Scheme Using the members of this scheme has many benefits attached to it such as:

– Having people who are qualified to carry out electrical work.

– You shall get a certificate confirming that their work follows all new rules and regulations.

– Building Control charges will not have to be paid by you.

– All the new safety rules will be dealt for by them.

– There shall be an insurance backed guarantee for the complete work done by them and you shall have the freedom to take it.

– Under the circumstances that you are not satisfied with the work then you will have full access to a formal complaints procedure.

Home Security

Homes without security systems are 3 times more likely to be targeted than those with security.
There are several crimes that a home 2Bsecurity system can protect against. One of the most important issues homeowners now have to consider is that of home safety. Having a home security system will protect your home from burglaries by deterring potential criminals and by thwarting the efforts of those who won’t be deterred. Thing to considered is installing Camera’s like pan/tilt it was completely user-friendly and easy to use.

Fire Safety

There are higher levels of fire safety regulations as compared to other residential properties, along with the landlords being required to observe certain safety measures for furniture and furnishings. Adequate fire precautions should be provided by the landlord of an HMO and it is required of him to make sure that they are maintained well.

These should be suitably present in accordance with the size of the property and number of residents, and should include some of the following:

– Suitable fire fighting equipment such as fire blankets and fire extinguishers. There should be present at least 1 fire extinguisher provided on every floor and should also be checked regularly. Also the presence of a minimum of 1 fire blanket in every shared kitchen is required.

– The presence of fire alarms, heat/smoke detectors and other fire warning systems is required. These are required to be placed all through the entire building, especially in high risk areas such as kitchens and in escape routes.

– There should be the presence of an escape route that is resistant to fire, smoke and fumes for long enough so that everybody can leave. These may be specially treated fire resistant internal stairs and corridors or could also be an external fire escape route. There should be fire resistant doors as well which lead to the escape routes and should preferably close automatically. All furniture and furnishings provided by the landlords should also be ensured as fire resistant.

Fire Regulations for other tenanted residential properties

In relation with other tenanted properties, the only specific fire regulations are those concerning furniture and furnishings. It is however the ‘common law’ duty of all the landlords to make sure that their entire properties are kept free from all health hazards and the safety of the tenants is made sure of.

Fire Regulations in all rented properties for furniture and furnishings

It is required in a rented property that all the provided upholstered furnishings are fire resistant. Upholstered furniture basically includes the following types:

– Beds, headboards and mattresses

– Cushions and seat pads

– Futons and sofa beds

– Armchairs and sofas

– Indoor used garden furniture

– Seat pads and cushions

– Nursery and children furniture

– Stretch and loose covers for all the furniture

There is a symbol on all fir resistant furniture that confirms the fact that it is fire resistant.

Smoking in rented properties

It is completely on the discretion of the landlords as to allow smoking in their properties or not. There would be a clause in the tenancy agreement stating this in case smoking is not allowed. Sufficient smoke alarms however must be provided in all areas where smoking would be allowed if smoking is permitted by the landlord. There are additional regulations that are applied in HMOs: in all shared areas of HMOs, such as communal rooms, corridors and stairs, smoking is strictly not allowed as per the newly introduced smoke-free laws. It is required to display No Smoking signs in such areas.