Natural beauty without losing money

I was so sick, I was not afraid to go home, I go to the beauty and now do not dare to watch myself in a mirror. These are the prayers that Dr. Do Quang Hung, Deputy Head of Surgery – Aesthetic Hospital Cho Ray Ho Chi Minh heard often. The call for help is that women want to beautify beauty but choose the wrong plastic surgery facilities that lead to the consequences, unwanted complications. Lost money but also deformed Dr. Hung also remembers a visit to a 40 year-old woman named Hoa, who lives in Can Tho City. “Did not know she heard someone introduced that hide her husband, son to Ho Chi Minh City nose lift at a hair salon. Miserable, money lost. At the time I saw her nose bridge exposed, and nose pierced, “Dr. Hung said.

Lucky for Ms. Hoa was Dr. Hung surgery, repairing to not be embarrassed because the nose deformed. The case of Thanh, 48 years old, living in Hoc Mon district is equally miserable. Ms. Thanh has been smoking belly fat at a spa near her house after giving birth to her belly. The sad thing is that the person doing the operation is just a hairdresser. The result of fat sucking too much to make the belly of Ms. Thanh concave concave. “When we arrived at the hospital, we had to replenish the fat for the patient. Only trained plastic surgeons know how to smoke fat, how to dose. This kind of act is really dangerous, that is why we recommend to use natural way like what you can see here in

This is really so much situation for a young woman to be beautiful, I must recommend natural products or natural skin care products without spending so much money like what you have spend on having expensive plastic surgeries.

The hair stylist can not know this, they are not lethal, “Hung said. About a month ago, Dr. Hung had to undergone surgery for a woman to cut the eyelid on a sub-base. Do not understand how the surgeon how the woman’s eyelid flipped out all over. The patient has undergone surgery but the eyelid can not be as beautiful as it looks, but it just looks bad. Dr. Hung witnessed many cosmetic surgeries to treat “other pigs become lame pigs”: “I miss a girl over the age of 20 to see. She cut her dimple at the hair salon. The dimples do not see where the cheeks appear a dark scar, to get rid of this scar, you can try using natural products. There is a woman suffering from complications throughout life. Not long ago, Dr. Hung visited a woman named K., 45, who lives in An Giang.

Sister K. to Cho Ray Hospital in the state of swollen lips, pain due to allergy tattoo.
Dr. Hung can not cut off the patient’s lips, prescribing K. to take life-long allergy medication.
Only the woman who stopped taking herbal medicine immediately swollen, painful.
The need for beauty is legitimate, however, you need to know the correct understanding and choice to avoid harm to health.Doctor Hung advises women to wear tattoos, eyebrows but not lips. Because when the lips tattoo will have only a fixed color, not as diverse as lipstick. Artificial lip color also makes it difficult for doctors to diagnose patients with blood loss.

On the website of the HCM City Department of Health there is a public list of cosmetic surgeons (each doctor is trained in one specialty). When you want to do aesthetic surgery for her, you should go to the hospital, because the spa facilities, hair styling only function on skin care for a pretty look. To perform cosmetic surgery, customers should undergo a rigorous examination such as: Whole body examination, group testing, freezing and blood function, biochemical tests, liver and kidney function, Electrolysis, electrocardiography,and liver.

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