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Interior designer salary projections are fundamentally positive despite the effects of the economic downturn, but this is still not the highest paid career in the world. Office furniture Melbourne When you consider that modern designers have to undergo an extensive training program involving at least four years at a university, the salaries for starting designers are lower than you would expect. This is still a career, though, with longevity and prospects, with the opportunity to progress within a company or to go freelance when you are ready.

To understand why salaries have stayed relatively high for the profession of designer, you need to understand the difficulty employers have in finding people with the right qualifications. There are always going to be thousands of potential applicants for design jobs who have no formal qualifications or credentials for the job. These amateur designers may have a great potential to produce quality work, but the learning period that they would have to go through means that any employer will be reluctant to take a chance on them. There are always graduates who can go straight in and do the job right from the start, so employers are prepared to pay the extra money to get them.

This upward pressure on salaries is not enough to send them up to the level of professionals such as doctors and lawyers, but it does keep them high enough to stimulate great interest. The downward pressure which keeps salaries manageable for design firms comes from the fact that this is still a popular enough career to attract graduates in numbers. There are still a great number of graduates who for some reason decide that a design career is not right for them after all. Some become discouraged because they do not land a job as soon as they thought they would, while others simply find other interests and drift away.

Some of the most talented and resourceful and talented designers choose to escape the confines of the routine interior designer salary by starting their own business. While there is plenty of design work in the market in just about every major city, taking this step invariably involves a degree of risk. Those who are looking to have design work carried out are invariably going to want to see samples of previous work, and testimonials from the past. Very few designers can succeed as freelancers unless they have built up a reputation in paid employment first. This background will give them the chance to prove their worth and attract paying clients.

The life of the freelance designer has been changed out of all recognition in recent years, as computer software has enabled the job to be done far more effectively in a fraction of the time. Where there is a doubt as to which design should be followed, individual aspects of the design can be changed backwards and forwards at a moment’s notice of that comparisons can be made. The fact that design jobs can be completed more quickly means that prices can be cut in an effort to beat out competition. This leads to a fall in prices across the whole industry.

The future of the average interior designer salary cannot be predicted with any certainty, especially at a time when it is impossible to predict the future of the global economy as a whole. It is unlikely, though, that it will change to any marked degree. The housing market is resistant to depression because it is the most fundamental of human needs, and most of the demand for interior design comes from the more affluent section of the market in any case.

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