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We would like to take this opportunity to welcome everyone to the 4th annual DALLAS CHARITY CUP TOURNAMENT on behalf of both the Charity Cup organization as well as the Bethel Romanian Church, the church host. This tournament is a fundraiser for the less fortunate kids as well as adults in the 3rd world countries and all the proceeds will go towards the operating costs and the general running of these CC programs
This past year, the Charity Cup team had a tremendous year, making thousands of people in many countries receiving hope through Jesus Christ. We are very excited about our 4th annual CHARITY CUP and we hope that everyone involved enjoys it and finds it to be a fun, competitive, positive and valuable experience. Here in Dallas, Texas, we have people that have grown up in the Charity Cup programs and we recognize the importance of those programs in development of our future young leaders & missionaries of tomorrow.

Our hope is that this tournament will provide an environment for the church members to play in a competitive atmosphere with an emphasis on life skill development. We would encourage all the local pastors to come and become a part of this great event and to let the teenagers as well as adult members to participate. Make this a yearly event for your church fellowship. We also hope that all involved will display the level of sportsmanship that the event deserves. We look forward to an exciting weekend of great fellowship & soccer and once again, we thank everyone for your support, see them here.

Let me introduce You to our publication, called Global Soccer, which deals uniquely with football worldwide. Nowadays, due to modern media, the results of all national championships, international matches or international cup matches could be obtained, but if someone wants to get possibly the most information available, one would need much time and patience. We would like to help You with this task by collecting the most important happenings of world football in one book, while trying to accomplish the most possible completeness. Let me introduce you to our brochure below Global Soccer, which deals with the world’s football in a unique way. Today, almost every country thanks to modern communication tools championship, all national championships, international cups are easily accessible but if you want the most information you need to know about your favorite sport, you need little time and patience. We want to make this task easier by having one single month we will gather the most important events in the world of football as much as possible with the utmost fullness.

Allow me to introduce you to the Global Soccer, our of international football in an unusual way. Today, thanks to the new communication tools, the results national championships, matches and international easily accessible. However, if someone wants to know more about on his favorite sport, he will need a lot of time and patience.
Our goal is to facilitate its task by recruiting all the information and events of the world of football, in a single monthly edition. Allow me to present you with our book, Global Soccer, dedicated to international football in a unique way. Today – thanks to the media communication skills – one can easily of the national leagues, the results of the national teams the countries and those of the international cups. But if we want to know as much as possible of our favorite sport and to obtain all the information new, we need a lot of time and patience. We want to facilitate this with a book in which we publish monthly all the results and new information of the world of soccer aspiring to the greater totality possible.

Let us know about our Global Soccer publication, who deals in a unique way of world football. In our day, thanks to all forms of modern communication It is easy to have all the results of almost all championships in real time football matches, national matches, international cups, but at the same time, if a passionate wanted to collect more information possible on his favorite sport, he would need so much time and more lots of patience. We want to facilitate these searches by publishing each month in one volume all the most important events of the world of the football, aspiring to the fullest completeness. We would like to introduce our book, “Global Soccer”. This book is unique about world football. Nowadays, thanks to the most up-to-date news, the results can be obtained from almost all championships, from all football matches of national teams and international cups, but if you want to gather all the information about your beloved sport you should sacrifice a lot of energy and time. We would like to make this task easier by accumulating the most important events of the football world every month in a book, according to the greatest possible completeness.

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