Far-reaching benefits of massage therapy.

As a business, what is your greatest asset? Without a doubt, it’s your employees. While it is easy to create infrastructure and purchase technology, it takes a lot to build a team of productive people and get the best out of them. Keeping your team motivated has become a great challenge in today’s corporate world where competition and stress are at an all-time high. If you along with your HR team have been scouting ways to build a productive ecosystem, corporate chair massage can prove to be a great investment towards increasing your productivity and profitability.

You are aware of the benefits of massage in terms of relaxing the body and the mind. Corporate massage in Portland offers these benefits in an organized, team-building manner. It is the perfect blend of ancient healing technique and modern delivery method. Here, seasoned professionals administer massage and other wellness therapies, benefitting every employee in the organization. This can be administered in short period of time and eliminate the need to travel for massages. If you are wondering how this would benefit your work environment and help you increase your productivity, let’s look at some insights into the far-reaching benefits of this massage therapy.

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Pain-Relieving Effects

While studies are still being carried out to both understand massage therapy’s effect on the body in general and specifically how it can help certain conditions like arthritis, results have already shown positive feedback from participants. In 2006, the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey tested 68 adults suffering from osteoarthritis. One group received two Swedish massages twice per week for eight weeks, while the other group did not. At the end of the trials, the group receiving massages reported reduction in pain and stiffness, increased flexibility and expanded range of motion of significant proportions.

While it is still unknown how massage specifically addresses arthritic conditions, it has been proven to lower cortisol, a hormone contributing to stress, as well as increase the positive mood-enhancing neurotransmission of serotonin. In turn, patients may achieve a better quality of sleep, allowing more healing to take place.

Is Massage Therapy Right for You?

Specific conditions related to arthritis may require a doctor’s approval for patients receive massage therapy treatment. Those with severely damaged joints, rashes, osteoporosis or high blood pressure should consult with a physician to make sure massage would help rather than worsen their condition.

If you suffer from arthritis or another painful condition, look into massage therapy and purchasing a massage chair for daily treatments and relief.

Exercise Strategies to Reduce Pain

No single condition causes back pain in runners. Normally it is a combination of multiple factors. To start, runners must ensure they stretch fully before each day’s training regimen. Runners should avoid exercising with tight hamstrings to avoid greater pressure on the lower back and aggravation of sensitive back muscles. Likewise, runners should let their bodies cool down and they should follow up all lengthy runs with another stretching session to decrease muscle tension and initiate recovery.

Rest and Recuperation for the Back Muscles

As the New York Times reports, 79 percent of runners are injured each year. The recovery period after each workout and during each injury rehabilitation period are integral for runners to return to their previous top form.

Aside from additional stretching and adequate rest, research shows that runners who get a massage report muscle soreness decreased by 30 percent. A massage therapist may not be on call for every runner’s rest day, but owning a massage chair is a beneficial alternative.



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