Crossbow Range

The range of the crossbow is depending on the FPS (feet per second) speed or power of the bow. Let’s just say your crossbow has 300+ FPS then it can go further to 50 up to 80 yards. If shooting on compressed foam dummy then it can penetrate on the front and back of it and even in human or animal flesh. Any wind can turn the direction of the arrow that you are firing. Even a small wind can be compensated for if accuracy is to be achieved at longer distances. Now we recommend a maximum of 40 yards for most shooters and a maximum of 50 yards for those so called expert crossbow shooters or expert shots. There is just too much room for error when taking longer shots, especially if it is out of ranged.
The range is really depending on your strength and ability in pulling or using the crossbow. So if your target is a deer, then you should undergo some research. Crossbow shots are noisy and when releasing, the deer can hear it even if you are 80 yards away from the target. Not unless there is a strong wind and the shooter knows how to control it. 80 is the maximum yards a crossbow can go through but, if you really want to go beyond that range, then you need a customized high power crossbow.
Before hitting a live target, I suggest that you should at least undergo training and hit compressed foam dummies. It takes an expert and strong shooter to go beyond 80 yards and it takes a lot of money to buy a Best crossbow on the market than could go more than 300 FPS. If it’s really your hobby then go spend some money and get the most powerful and strong crossbow to achieve that range that you are aiming.
Tactic factor and techniques, in as well as understanding the crossbows physics. Yes, crossbow has its own law of physics. Some of the hunters go closer to the target just to make sure it is safe and they can really hit the target. You will never know of what’s coming with the wind and you take your target’s movement in consideration and you should always predict and anticipate all your targets movement.
Before the 20th century, their crossbows can’t go further than 30 yards. That was the medieval crossbow I’m talking about. Long before it became a hobby to other people, crossbow is there way of hunting food and it can also be used as self defense. It was made of wood and strings so it can’t achieve the 300 FPS we want and the range we aim. Thanks to our developing technology, it is improved now and it became a hobby and sports to some other countries. Always remember, when you dive in to this kind of hobby, make sure to undergo full training and exercise and you must have a 20-20 vision so you will not miss your target and aim the perfect range you want.

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