Basic Design Examples

Water fountains
Water fountains may be an enjoyable way to alter any home environment. The “music” of falling water can be timeless and can provide any home with a very comfortable feeling. And there is something primal about water cascading over a waterfall or rushing through the rapids.

The minimum elements needed to make a tabletop fountain will be a small underwater pump (available from aquarium shops and garden centers), a large bowl or other leak proof container, a prop to hide the pump, marbles or rocks, flexible tubing which plugs into the pump, one small copper elbow to point the flow of water, and (naturally) water. Lighting is very critical to the total effect of a fountain. There exists a singular beauty when light reflects off water. One could utilize halogen or LED pool lights, under-water fountain lighting, and outdoor lights, plus multi-colored lenses to produce that little extra character. When building a tabletop fountain and its lighting, you will need to take into consideration whether the fountain will be seen from the side or all around, which allows you to increase its effect. 1 Stop Indoor Fountains can assist with any questions you might have.

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Creating a peaceful mood with an indoor table fountain
The placid tranquility of a Japanese garden can be easily available nowadays in the shape of an indoor table fountain. Stress is a major health problem in these modern times, but with a table fountain producing “water music” you can reduce that stress due to its calming influence. Not only are most table fountains portable and easy to keep clean, but they are generally quite inexpensive unless you want to spring big money for a more elaborate custom-built model. Table fountains are available in lots of striking styles such as Japanese tea garden themes, American farm-life themes for an old fashioned look, or postmodern art themes for an up-to-date decor. Custom-built fountains are pricey, but you can find websites which will show you how to design and build your own unique fountain using inexpensive items you can find in hardware stores. There are a few safety issues you must keep in mind, specifically the potential for the fountain getting tipped over by pets or small children. Another safety concern, which should be obvious but bears repeating, is that you never place a water-bearing unit near electronic gear such as televisions, computers, or stereos. Indoor table fountains are constructed of a wide selection of materials including terracotta, metal, concrete, fiberglass, slate or ceramic, and all of them create a soothing, natural aura for your home or office. More information to help you buy indoor table fountains.

Floral fabric
There’s nothing equal to floral decorator fabric to provide the rooms of your home an open, bright and inviting decor. Using floral fabric provides the best opportunity to create a colorful decor with kitchen accessories, wall coverings and bedroom accessories, as well as blankets, pillows and bedspreads. Throw pillows are an easy decorative project, since they require no pattern and only need a few easy-to-find materials like fabric, batting or foam for the insides, and thread to sew it all up. After you have co-ordinated the floral fabric of the pillows, blankets, rugs, walls and drapes you will end up with a gorgeous decor which is as lovely as it is unique. Floral fabric has an unlimited number of decoration and fashion options, including making purses, hats and scarves that are bright and spirited. Why not expand the use of floral fabric even more by coordinating other articles of clothing with your floral decor such as floral print clothes for the women and floral-themed ties for the men. For the best understanding of the potential of floral fabric, take a glance at a few catalogs to pick out patterns and colors that will exactly match the decor of your home. Floral decorating materials will be most appropriate for festive holidays like New Years, Valentines Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, or whenever brilliant, sunny colors are called for.

Compact bedroom? A loft bed may be the answer
Utilizing a loft bed in a bedroom can be an easy way to make extra usable floor space when furnishing a small or compact room. Regrettably over time loft beds have become associated with decorating on a budget, because loft beds are frequently relatively economical. The simple truth is that a good quality loft bed is going to add functionality as well as excellent style and visual appeal to your bedroom and that means you do not have to trade one for the other.

A loft bed works by simply raising the bed onto a frame and then lifting it a few feet above the floor. This is similar to a bunkbed, but without the bottom mattress and frame, so there is an open space underneath the bed. This area can be terrific for a desk and chair for a work place, or a small couch, chair or love-seat for more seating, or as a fun area for kids. Bookshelves, dressers, music equipment, and televisions can be neatly put underneath the bed. You can even put in a fold-up bed so as to create a temporary bunk bed.

When looking for a loft bed for any bedroom you want to take into account the height of the ceiling and the dimensions of the room. This is very important since you don’t want to pay for a loft bed and then have a relatively cramped bedroom simply because you acquired one which was too big for your room. You are going to generally need the bed to be high enough that you are able to make use of the space below for beneficial uses, but you do not want the bed to be so elevated that the person sleeping on the bed may bang their head on the ceiling whenever sitting straight. You can even purchase a shorter loft bed should you be solely interested in extra storage space for a dresser or cabinets.

Loft beds are typically more common in kids bedrooms and student dormitory rooms. It is typical nowadays that the college-age child is going to share his / her dorm room with one or more students, resulting in a very crowded and cramped room. By getting a loft bed for their room, you are able to help make a more comfortable as well as relaxed room for everybody living there. One of the wonderful things about loft beds in kids bedrooms is that when you’ve got a couple of kids they have a tendency to battle over which one gets the upper bunk when you are buying bunk beds to help you save on space. With two separate loft beds inside the bedroom, each child will have their very own top bed and they also will still get lots of floor space for playing and / or studying. You can also utilize fabric to hide the space beneath the bed by easily draping them over the edge of the bed, thus setting up a separate, secret play area for each youngster if they need to have a quiet moment.

In this day and age loft beds have come into style due to the fact that so many more families have older homes, smaller apartments or condos. The extra area created by these kinds of beds is fairly large and can go a long way towards reducing the problem of putting “ten pounds of stuff in a five pound bag” without breaking your budget.

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