10 Future Cars That May Save Gas But Definitely Waste Water

Students of Auto Design universities show to us, usually, prototypes and concepts futuristics whose sole purpose is to exercise limitless linked a possible serial production and costs that derive from this. Car paint protection Melbourne We see such prototypes that function on the basis of electricity or energy produced by using … algae.

Let`s see ten car concepts of the future:

  1. Pierre Sabas – Airflow
    The thought of the French student Pierre Sabas is built entirely of glass, each wheel having an engine of their own. “We actually tried to paste and a bottle modelez body of the car as it modeling a textile material outside. This lead to a special feeling for the drive and a new perception of the world for passengers,” the paper support the creator. Airflow already won a prize, Best Design Interpretation, in the Pilkington Automotive Vehicle Design Awards.
  2. Jon Radbrink – Lexus Nuaero

A Swedish student pictures form a European model for an American of Japanese brands. That could be characterized Nuaero Lexus concept, one in which the building is glass, too, the first important material. “I was inspired by architecture and glass used in combination with other materials to create a layer effect to give them the feeling of transparency of the car,” says Jon. Lexus Nuaero won the “Best use of Glazing” Pilkington, which award recognizes the inspiration of using glass composition in the car.

  1. Arturo Peralta Nogueras – Senses

If we take the concept created by students of the University londoneze Spanish, we could believe that the world is heading towards self ecology or in top performance. Senses work on the basis of algae and is covered with what Arturo Peralta denumeste “technology hologramica solid.” In addition, interiorulse always adapt the environment by passing car and passengers, evoluand depending on the states of the car.

4.Dong Kyu Kim – Chameleon
If your goal in life was a car that is inspired by the few female specific items – such as gulerele camasilor, esarfele fluturand in beating sprancenele wind or a woman – you find one. It is called Chameleon and, as the name says, changes its color technology with paramagnetice. The image that an asymmetric develop is because that, says Korean student, is also a good dresses: never will look perfect.

  1. Ilaria Sacco – My Lounge

Those of you with the ordinary style Ikea will receive with open arms creation tanarului italian designer. My Lounge is “my” that allows very personal approach to the interior, which can be aranjatin depending on the status of those who are inside. Basically, customers could choose their desired and arrange everything you get in the car, the car became, says Ilaria Sacco, “a dining room in which furniture can be arranged anyway.”

  1. Joonas Vartola – Iomega

Iomega is created specially for those who believe that relaxation is the strong points of a car. Basically, those counts in vision are designerului Finnish passengers, which are sit down separately in Iomega driver. An interesting element is that the exterior of the car was inspired from animal world, replica image of the swans.

  1. Paul Howse – Enigma

Paul Howse engineers auto show them how to escape from the eternal problem of suspensiilor we are so many problems in the street cars today: levitation magnetic. The concept Enigma, the cabin is separated from the rest of the car through this innovation which evoke the state rejection of two magnets with the same pole. We do not know how to secure the lead car, given that there is a place in the driver acceptiune classic, but it is clear that work on solar energy captured by body formed panels specially designed for this.

  1. Raquel Lopez Aparicio – Soft vehicle

The desire of some to stay on the clouds could become reality if the prototype spanish Lopez would ever enter series production. Basically, the car is made of a soft foam surrounding you when you are driving. The logic is destanuita us even car designer “a soft car is a car safer.” Soft boot has Vehicle, which can be reached by simply opening the posterior fermoar.

  1. Sergio Loureiro Da Silva – Phoenix

Although the name might suggest, or so Phoenix does not have anything to do with the regenerative properties or constituents of a bird, no matter what it is. The Spanish students succeed, but to attract attention through the turbine front and what Da Silva denumeste “axis kinetica.” May simple ibericul tried to “imperecheze” a car with a motorcycle and came out Phoenix. Maybe the Austrians from KTM should consider its work for the next generation of X-Bow.

  1. Woo Jeong Yun – Transform

Celebrele toys Modelino make their appearance in the form of car futuristic. Designer Korea’s Tranform claims that the car can be turned into any simply by drawing / impingere / waiver / trip to each of its parts. “I was interested in jucariile type Transformer since when I was small. It’s one thing common to all the guys in the world, such as the claim that is part of human instinct,” says Asian students in an attempt to explain his work.

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